Why Stanley Kubrick was a design genius
cnn.com - 29/April/2019
There is a scene in "Eyes Wide Shut" in which Tom Cruise’s character, Bill, and a prostitute named Domino enter a New York building apartment through a red doorway.
The doorway is on screen just for seconds. It doesn’t seem to be particularly important, and yet it has become a symbol of director Stanley Kubrick’s obsession with detail.
In a 2004 essay, writer Jon Ronson described visiting Kubrick’s home and discovering a box with hundreds of photographs of doorways. "Probably just about every doorway in London," neatly cataloged by borough, was included, with the words "hooker doorway?" handwritten at the top.
"Eyes Wide Shut" is set in New York, but it’s filmed entirely in London, with the streets of the West Village painstakingly reconstructed at London’s Pinewood Studios and on location in the city’s East End. Kubrick had sent his nephew around town on a quest to find the perfect door for him. In the end, Kubrick decided to build his own, along with an entire city block, based off thousands of other photographs that he had also commissioned in New York.’

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