Sentino™ Filter Dispenser

The Sentino™ filter dispenser, a Pall Life Sciences product, is designed to aseptically dispense one disc of membrane at the touch of a button.
Ordering information: 

Part Number: 13184 Sentino™ Global membrane Dispenser (1/pkg)

Parameter Sentino™ Global membrane Dispenser (1/pkg)
AC/DC Power Transformer 24 VDC 1.6 Amp 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz 
Battery Type NiMH nickel metal hydride 
Battery Voltage 12 
DC Supply 24 V 
Dispenser Design Automatic Dispense 
Height (cm) 20 cm 
Height (in) 7.9 in 
Length (cm) 22 cm 
Length (in) 8.7 in 
Operation Main power supply or rechargeable battery 
Weight (Imperial)
Weight (Metric) 0,9 
Width (cm) 12 
Width (in) 4,7