Via Freeze Duo

The VIA Freeze Duo is a single Stirling engine powered system with two SBS plates; numerous sample formats are available, with a capacity of either 96 x 2.0ml standard cryovials (suggested filling of 1.0ml) or 30-70ml of fluid in a cryobag. This unit is ideal for proof of concept experiments or low volume production and bears all the typical benefits of the VIA Freeze range:
  • A Validated Approach
  • Minimal Contamination
  • Safe & Cost Effective
  • GMP License
  • Overall size: width 44.6cm, depth 38.3cm, height 61cm
  • Weight: 40kg (88lb)
  • Input power: 350/200W (maximum/at hold temperature of -100°C)
  • Power supply requirements: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 3A max.
  • Operating temperature (environment): 5°C to 30°C
  • Capacity: 96 x 2.0ml standard cryo-vials
  • Capacity: 125ml baxter bag (with optional flat sample plate)
  • Software: Onboard secure data logging & fully featured protocol editor.
  • Cleaning: Seamless sample area, no dirt traps, may be cleaned using standard wipes (Shield Medicare – Klerwipe-CR)
  • Secure ethernet interface for remote control in automated applications