WHATMAN Grade QM-B Quartz Microfiber Filters

QM-B filters are similar to GE’s standard QM-A quartz fiber filters, which are recommended more commonly for air testing applications.
By comparison, QM-B is approximately twice as heavy, twice as thick, and offers slower flow rates. Because of these characteristics, QM-B can be used in air monitoring applications requiring increased strength or durability.
The Whatman range of high-purity quartz filter options also includes Grade QM-A and Grade QM-H filters, which can withstand temperatures up to 800°C and 900°C, respectively. Each filter grade has unique strengths for air monitoring applications.
• Typical properties

Minimum retention efficiency in air (% @ 0.3 µm) ≥ 99.85
Typical retention efficiency in air (% @ 0.3 µm) ≥ 99.99
Nominal air flow (s/100 mL/in²) 12
Nominal thickness (µm) 950
Nominal basis weight (g/m²) 170
Maximum recommended temperature (°C) 800

• Ordering information – quartz fiber filter grades - Filter Circles

Dimensions (mm) Catalog number Quantity/Pack
40 1852-040 50
42 1852-042 50