Biosafe Sepax 2

The Sepax 2 S-100 is a mobile, closed capability system that efficiently processes umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, peripheral blood or other blood derivatives, as permitted by applicable regulatory requirements. The fundamental scientific technology relies on a separation chamber that provides both separation through rotation of the syringe chamber (centrifugation) and component transfer through displacement of the syringe piston. An optical sensor measures the light absorbency of the separated components and manages the flow direction of each of them in the correct output container.

External design

Lightweight housing, one-handed separation chamber pit closure system


W: 27 cm, L: 40 cm, H: 46 cm (10.6” x 15.7”, 18.1”),17 kg (37.5 lbs)

User interface

Color touchscreen display, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

Electronics and communication

Windows XP embedded, GMAP, USB, and Ethernet

Data saving capacity

32 logfiles, 50 patfiles, and 50 report files (PDF)

Core technology

Electric centrifugation motor, pneumatic piston drive circuitry

Optical line sensor

Red/blue transmitted LEDs
Red/blue scatters LEDs

Traceability function

Barcode reader with multiple code reading capabilities and desktop printer.
Full procedural data management with PDF report and procedural graph.