Discovery BIO PolyMA-WAX HPLC Columns

Discovery BIO PolyMA-WAX
Polymethacrylate polymer-based weak anion-exchange HPLC column

Discovery BIO PolyMA-WAX polymer-based weak anion-exchange particles have discriminating hydrophilic surface chemistry making them ideally suited for separating proteins, peptides, and other biotechnology-derived products.

Choose Discovery BIO PolyMA-WAX for anion-exchange separations. Generally run at a pH greater than the protein’s pI (isoelectric point) - usually pH 7 or higher.

Discovery BIO PolyMA-WAX


Polymethacrylate with hydrophilic coating

Functional Group:

Diethylaminoethyl (DEAE)

Counterion (as supplied):


Particle Shape:

 Spherical, monodispersed

Particle Size:


Pore Size:




pH Range:

 2 to 10

Temperature Range:

 4°C to 50°C

* PolyMA-WAX is a weak anion-exchange material. It can be used at high pH values but with reduced charge.


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