Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM

Ready-to-use sterile density gradient media designed for the preparation of mononuclear cells from peripheral blood, bone marrow and cord blood.
  • Manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 13485:2012.
  • Low levels of endotoxin (< 0.12 EU/mL) secured and tested.
  • Cytotoxicity grade 0.
  • Choice of densities: 1.077, 1.084, and 1.073 g/mL.
  • A Regulatory Support File (RSF) is available for Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM products.
Optimized for the isolation of mononuclear cells from human peripheral blood, bone marrow, and umbilical cord blood.

Endotoxin Activity Max.
< 0.12 EU/ml

Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM products constitute a range of sterile, ready-to-use density media containing Ficoll PM400, sodium diatrizoate and disodium calcium EDTA in water for injection (WFI). The densities and osmolalities of the different products have been optimized for the isolation of mononuclear cells from blood and bone marrow

Estimated shelf life from manufacture date
3 years

Storage conditions

Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM products are provided as sterile solutions which are stable for at least 3 yr when stored between 4°C and 30°C and protected from light. Deterioration of Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM products is indicated by the appearance of a yellow color or particulate material in the solution

Physical State

288-310 mOsm/kg

pH Range

Colorless to slightly yellow

Certificate of Analysis

Density Max.
1.078 g/ml