IndiScope™ Milk Analyzer


The PerkinElmer IndiScope is a high-performance, and robust FT-IR system enabling simple, reliable and high accuracy results for milk quality testing and adulterant screening. It’s designed for installation in a milk collection environment and has a hermetically sealed quality spectrometer to prevent moisture and dust to get into the optical system of the instrument. A flexible design with optimized “plug-and-play” sampling and analysis modules ensures the best solution for a range of quantitative and adulterant screening applications. Simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface ensures a straightforward workflow.

fat, protein, and solids-not-fat and targeted and untargeted adulterants such as: Water, Urea, Sucrose, Maltodextrin, Ammonium sulfate.

  • Technology FT-IR
  • Sample Capture Time < 30 seconds
  • Sample Temperature Range 5-40 °C
  • Sample Volume
  • Data Interface 2 x USB Ports data connectivity and update of software trough USB stick
  • Display LCD graphical display/color TFT display (touchscreen)