MPW 351e

MPW-351e centrifuge is a table centrifuge for quick and easy sample preparation and routine work in laboratories.
An intuitive system of setting rotational speed centrifugation (RPM) and centrifugation time parameters, with the simultaneous possibility of reading the relative centrifugal force (RCF), ensures the maximum simplicity and high comfort of work.
The availability of low-speed and horizontal angular rotors (RCF below 3,300 x g) with the variety of accessories gives the opportunity to work with a large number (30 pieces) of centrifuged tubes with a capacity of up to 15 ml and with samples with a capacity of up to 200 ml (including 15 ml and 50 ml Falcon).
This ensures that the centrifuge allows the proper preparation of the sample for the performance of both routine biological tests in medical and veterinary laboratories (blood, urine, faeces). It facilitates the commencement of various therapies, including in regenerative medicine or using diļ¬€erent systems for the acquisition of PRP, as well as for starting other examinations, including the detection of parasites in sewage sludge and sewage sludge dewatering and soil sample testing, as well as in assessing the stability of emulsions in cosmetology.
Electric Supply : 230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 320W
Capacity : 800ml
Speed : 100 ÷ 4500 RPM
Max RCF : 3509 x g
Time : 30s ÷ 99min krok/step 1s
Dimension : 380 x 430 x 540mm
Weight : 40,3kg