MPW 352R

MPW-352, MPW-352R and MPW-352RH centrifuge is a family of high-performance, most versatile, table top laboratory centrifuges that offer the largest range of available rotors and other items of equipment (containers, reduction inserts, consumables).
High-speed angular rotors (RCF up to 30,065 x g), low-speed angular and horizontal rotors (RCF below 6,300 x g), specialized rotors (cyto for the preparation of cytodiagnostic preparations), hematocrit and titration rotors, the variety in the number (up to 36 pieces), as well as the capacity (from 0.2 ml to 250 ml) of centrifuged tubes and centrifugation vessels available on the market, in one process, make centrifuges widely used and irreplaceable in laboratories of many branches:
medicine, chemistry, science, biology, cosmetology, experimental molecular cuisine, food industry, environmental protection, and others.
Devices ensure high centrifugation parameters, precision (accuracy of parameter setting, to “1”), and thus repeatability of the entire sample preparation process for further specialized tests.
Electric Supply : 230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 980W
Capacity : 1000ml
Speed : 90 ÷ 18000 RPM
Max RCF : 30065 x g
Time : 1S ÷ 99h 59min 59s + ∞, krok/step 1s
Dimension : 380 x 443 x 695mm
Temperature : -20ºC÷40ºC krok/step 1ºC
Weight : 64,8kg