Ascentis C18 HPLC Columns


The First Choice for Classic C18 Retention and Selectivity

Optimization of silica and bonded phases make Ascentis C18 a true workhorse for the vast majority of HPLC separations. High surface area and phase stability give it perfect character for demanding LC-MS and preparative separations.

The classic reversed-phase column, Ascentis C18 is suitable for any method that specifies a C18-type column. Its high surface area gives Ascentis C18 strong hydrophobic retention and high loading capacity for preparative applications.

Ascentis C18 HPLC Columns

USP Code:


Bonded Phase:




Particle composition:

Type B silica gel

Particle Purity:

 < 5 ppm metals

Particle Shape:


Particle Size:

3, 5 and 10 µm

Pore Size:

100 Å

Surface Area:

450 m2/g

Carbon Load:

25 %

pH Range (recommended):

2 to 8

Extended pH range*:

1.5 to 10

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