Ascentis Phenyl HPLC Columns


Ultra-low Bleed Phenyl Phase with Enhanced Phenyl Selectivity

Phenyl-based reversed-phases were one of the first alternatives to C18 selectivity. Our Ascentis Phenyl has been improved to offer exceptional phase stability and enhanced phenyl retention. Ascentis Phenyl offers versatility by also operating in the HILIC mode.

Ascentis Phenyl provides superior separations with alternate selectivity in reversed-phase mode, including 100% aqueous conditions. It may also be used in aqueous normal phase mode (ANP/HILIC) applications, and shows low UV and MS bleed for gradient applications.
Ascentis Phenyl HPLC Columns

USP Code:


Bonded Phase Description:

Phenyl ring with short
butyl spacer



Particle composition:

Type B silica gel

Particle Purity:

 < 5 ppm metals

Particle Shape:


Particle Size:

3, 5 and 10 µm

Pore Size:

100 Å

Surface Area:

450 m2/g

Carbon Load:

19.5 %

pH Range (recommended):

2 to 8

Extended pH range*:

1.5 to 10

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