Discovery BIO Wide Pore C5 HPLC Columns

Highly-efficient, reversed-phase separations of proteins and peptides for proteomics, biotherapeutics, peptide mapping, and isolation and purification of natural or synthetic peptides. Discovery BIO Wide Pore HPLC columns and capillaries are packed with C5, C8, or C18 bonded 3, 5, or 10µm, spherical, 300Å pore diameter, high purity silica. All Discovery BIO Wide Pore products provide stable, efficient, reproducible, and scalable analytical to preparative separations of proteins and peptides. The low-bleed character and excellent peak shape without TFA in the mobile phase makes Discovery BIO Wide Pore ideal for proteomics and other LC/MS applications and preparative purifications.

Discovery BIO Wide Pore C5

Bonded Phase:


Endcap (yes / no):


Particle Platform:


Particle Shape:


Particle Purity:

< 10 ppm metals

Particle Sizes (µm):

3, 5, 10

Pore Size (Å):


Surface Area (m²/g):



~ 3.5

Coverage (µmoles/m²):

~ 4.5

pH range:

2 to 8*

Temperature Range:

up to 70°C

Recommended range is pH 2-8 but higher pH values are allowable using organic base buffer.


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