MPW 260R

MPW-260, MPW-260R and PW-260RH centrifuge is a family of universal, table, medium-sized centrifuges.
The accuracy of setting high centrifugation parameters with the possibility of their registration, and the availability of high-speed angular rotors (RCF above 14,000 x g) and low-speed horizontal rotors (RCF below 6,300 x g), as well as the variety of accessories allow the centrifugation of samples from 0.2 ml to 100 ml (including hematocrit capillaries).
Thus, centrifuges are used, among others, in blood preparatory procedures and urinalysis in medical and veterinary laboratories, in molecular biology for isolation, purifcation and evaluation of the quality of DNA and RNA nucleic acids in scientifc and biochemical laboratories, for sludge dewatering in laboratories of environmental protection and sewage treatment plants, and many others
  • Electric Supplay : 230V 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption : 600W
  • Capacity : 500ml
  • Speed : 90 ÷ 18000 RPM
  • Max RCF : 24270 x g
  • Time : 1S ÷ 99h 59min 59s + ∞, krok/step 1s
  • Dimension : 320 x 365 x 660mm
  • Temperature : -20ºC÷40ºC krok/step 1ºC
  • Weight : 47kg