Perten DA 7250 At-line NIR


The DA 7250 NIR analyzer is the third generation diode array NIR instrument from PerkinElmer, designed specifically for analysis in the food and agri industries. It combines outstanding analytical accuracy with speed, ease of use, ruggedness, and versatility. DA 7250™ calibrations are available for a wide range of applications, and measures moisture, protein, fat, fiber, starch and many other parameters in all types of samples – powders, pellets, grains, pastes, cakes, meal, and slurries.

Analysis time: 6 seconds

Measurement mode: Down view reflection or transflectance

Sample types: Unground grains and pellets, powders, pastes, slurries, liquids and more

Sample area analyzed: Up to 108 cm2

Sample Volume: Flexible 1-400 mL, depending on sample type

Display: 12-in. color touchscreen

Operating software: Results Plus

Language: Multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Thai, Russian, and more

Interface: USB ports and Ethernet

Operating temperature range: 5 °C to 40 °C

Ingress protection: IP 65

Wavelength range: 900 -1700 nm detector, 950 -1650 nm applied

Detector: Indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs)

Wavelength accuracy: < 0.05 nm

Regression options: PLS (Partial Least Squares), ANN (Artificial Neural Networks), HR (Honigs Regression), Classification

Warranty: 1 year, 5 year on diode array spectrometer

Dimensions: (H) 517 mm x (W) 370 mm x (D) 390 mm (including touchscreen)

Power requirements: 100 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Weight: 13 kg general purpose (GP), 16 kg sanitary design (SD)