Perten doughLAB


doughLAB is a flexible dough mixer used to determine flour water absorption, dough development time and other dough mixing parameters. The instrument performs the traditional 20 minute test and AACCI 54-70.01 approved high-speed mixing 10 minute test. The 10 minute test increases lab throughput and efficiency. It improves analysis results by making it easier to interpret samples with long development times, indistinct development peaks and multiple peaks. In addition, the high speed method more closely resembles today’s bread making processes.
The doughLAB includes user-friendly Windows software designed for both millers and researchers, and automated water dispensing (no need for a burette). The mixing chamber and blades are detachable for easy cleaning. Specify the performance of wheat, rye and durum doughs. Create custom tests for bread, pastry, cookie, pasta and noodle doughs. Flour, whole meal, semolina and formulations containing ingredients and improvers can all be tested.

Power Requirements: AC 220/240 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz, 1200 VA

Computer Requirements: PC with Windows Vista or later operating system

Dimensions (H x W x D), Net Weight: 370 x 490 x 970 mm, 91 kg incl. bowl

Data Interface: USB B type

Temperature Monitoring: Sample, bowl and water

Water supply: 1 L/min at maximum, 100 kPa (at instrument), <25ºC. (Chilled water

supply required for operation below room temperature.)

Heating/Cooling Rate: Heating: 2.5°C/minute max. Cooling: 5°C/minute max

(depending on cooling system)

Temperature Range: 10-80°C (variable)

Torque Range: 0-25 Nm

Speed Range: 0, 10-200 rpm