Perten Rapid Visco Analyzer 4800


The RVA measures the viscosity and performance of starches, raw materials, ingredients and foods using controlled temperature and shear. It can be used to characterize ingredients, intermediates and finished products to optimize quality and performance. With an extended temperature range (up to 140°C), the RVA 4800 provides a tool for performing more relevant analyses for a variety of applications, including ingredient (eg. starch and hydrocolloid) performance under conditions relevant to ultra-high-temperature (UHT) pasteurization of dairy and food products, retorting, pressure cooking, extrusion and other aseptic processing conditions.

Power Requirements: 230/115VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz

Input/Output: USB port, RS232 serial port

Dimensions (H x W x D), Net Weight: 382 x 306 x 345 mm, 19 kg

Temperature Range: 0-140ºC

Heating/Cooling Rate: Up to 14ºC/minute (infinitely variable)

Coolant Consumption: Water, 1 l/min at cooling, 100-250 kPa. Chilled coolant required for cooling below room temperature

Speed Range: Computer controlled, variable 0, 20-2000 rpm

Viscosity Range: 20-50,000 cP at 80 rpm, 10–25,000 cP at 160 rpm at 25°C

Viscosity Accuracy: +/- 2% for S2000 Oil nom. 5000 cP